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Anode layer ion source plasma sputtering, with machining irregularities


Aulektro Gold Welding glass lens. 2" x 4-1/4".Gold Sputter metallic Mirror.


REFURBISHED ADL DC Plasma Sputtering Power Supply GX-150/800 15kW, 800VDC, 38A


Sputter Coating System - Ten 3" magnetrons, dry pump, AC DC power supplies




Rhodium Nickel Iron sputter target: Rh/Ni/Fe 63.8/3/33.2 wt%, 50mmx1mm


Angstrom Sciences Sputtering Cathode Part for Denton Vacuum Explorer 14 DC


Bio-Rad Polaron E6700 Turbo vacuum coating ?sputter evaporation bell jar coater


Advanced Energy AE Ascent AMS 30K / 30kW DC Sputtering Power Supply 31520003-100


Technics Hummer VI Sputtering System SEM Sputter - EC31


ADL DC Plasma Sputtering Power Supply GX-150/800 15kW, 800VDC, 38A Out, 400V In


Sputter with various Accessories


NEW Lot Of 10 Gold sputter target Au 99.99% D=57mm T=0.1mm


Advanced Energy MDX 500 DC Sputter Power Supply 3152361-001 A


Technics Hummer HUM 11 Sputtering System SEM Sputter


Perkin Elmer 2400 Sputtering System, 2400-8SA Sputter Coater


Delta Sputter target: Al 99.999%, degreased and vacuum sealed, 200mm x 0.25"


Scandium sputter target: 4.00" diameter x 0.125" thick, 99.995% pure


Ruthenium sputter target, Ru 99.95%, 2.00" diameter x 2mm thick, surface flaws


US gun AE advanced energy MDX 1k DC sputter power supplies vacuum amat 1kw 110v


Materials Research Corporation / Eclipse Sputtering A122094 Wafer Chuck RF Cylin


Austin Scientific Deposition Sputtering CTI Cryogenic Cryo Torr 8 Vacuum Pump


Angstrom Sciences Sputtering Cathode with Aluminum Target, 8" x 3"


Rectangle magnetic sputter cathode for 19 inch x2.9 inch target


Technics Hummer HUM II Vent System Sputtering System SEM Sputter


6 inch diameter round sputter gun


Manganese Iridium sputter target, 99.8% pure, 2" diameter x 0.125" thick


Advanced Energy MDX 2226-000-F Magnetron Drive Power Supply - Sputtering Systems


CryoTorr / Veeco Ion Beam Optical Thin Film Deposition Sputtering System Spector


Sputter Vacuum Chamber Assembly 14" 300mm with Industrial Devices CVC001 Drive


Kurdex MRS-3 Thin Film Coater / 3-Beam Confocal Research PVD Sputtering System


Technics Hummer V Sputtering System Sputter Coater AS-IS


AJA International Sputter Cathode


SEM Sputter Coater Unit PS3 + Polaron PS100 Power Supply, Gold Carbon Applicator


CVC 601 Sputtering Deposition System Sputter With Cryo Torr 8F High Vacuum Pump


Quorum Technologies Emitech K250 Sputter Coater System Controller Used Working


AJA Int. Platinum Sputtering Target 99.95% Pure 1.5" Diameter x 0.125" Thick